"Never Say You Didn't Experience One's Unique Talent"
  • TY CLARK - www.samo4prez.com

    "don’t think about making art, just get it done. let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. while they are deciding, make even more art." andy warhol

    This quote is my inspiration while I sit in my studio after 6 months of not painting, feeling like I have forgotten everything I know. Give me the ability to create, worship and inspire from brush to canvas.

  • artbyjtaylor:

    Once you enter, everything you think you know will be questionable… #GreyArea #Level7even #ComingSoon #ArtByJTaylor #ItsAllAboutTheArt


    Joan Rivers & Robin Williams 

  • By: April Yap-Hennig

    My first glass of #Rioja in Logroño! I love this place! — at Calle del Laurel.


    "I’M A GIFT FROM GOD" by Shakir Muwwakkil

    Check out more of his work at www.shakirstudios.com

  • DANDY FRESH… by Rosie Lee

    Richland College - 12800 Abrams Rd, Dallas, Texas 75243

    Local contemporary artist, Rosie Lee captures the stylish flair of the Congo Sapeurs subculture in his first solo art exhibition, entitled Dandy Fresh. These “Dandies,” with their silk handkerchiefs and bright, tailored suits use flamboyant duds as a form of fashionable resistance against the socio-economic realities of their community. Rosie Lee has added his own unique flavor and rendered these walking works of art to canvas. 
    With Dandy Fresh, Rosie Lee re-imagines himself with a new style and never before seen artwork. He uses his art as a way to formulate ideas, question authority and present creative expression. Lee’s artwork is based on the research of cultures, the history of textiles and the role that fashion plays in reference to image and identity. This multi-dimensional exhibit incorporates drawings, paintings, photography, sculptures and a clever use of thrift store clothing to create an art experience that is as vivid and unforgettable as the “Dandies”, themselves. 

    Dandy Fresh: Solo Exhibition
    All new work by Rosie Lee 
    limited edition prints/custom t shirts will be available for purchase


    I can’t express how important it is for men to be fathers to their children. Our presence alone has a major impact on their development. If we continue to educate ourselves, become knowledgeable and self aware we can collectively change the world. It starts with us. Unfortunate occurrences happen in our society everyday but only a few get publicized. It’s our responsibility as fathers and men to make sure that our children are respectful, progressive and protected. Let The Discussions Continue…
    -J. Taylor 

    Stay tuned for info on the next Meet And Greet…

  • Watch the new trailer for One9 and Erik Parker’s Nas: Time Is Illmatic documentary. Coming to theaters, iTunes, and Video on Demand this October.#IllmaticXX